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Online orders

Products from Elegant Weed are shipped directly from the distribution center. Delivery typically takes 1-2 business days, though there may be some exceptions.

Products available to order online vary depending on availability and customer demand and are subject to change. Select the category you wish to search (Dried Flower, Seeds, Plant, Concentrates, Edibles, and Topicals) from the “SHOP” drop-down menu at elegantweed.shop

A: Simply click on the LOGIN link, https://elegantweed.shop/my-account/ and follow the directions provided.

Creating an account allows you to review the status of your current and past orders, identify your favourite stores and products for more efficient online shopping and store multiple addresses for delivery to make online checkout more efficient.
The cost of delivery is a flat rate of $11.99 + HST per order. below $98 and free for orders above $100
Unfortunately Elegant Weed Store cannot guarantee the availability of any product due to the potential of unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to supply shortages and shipping interruptions.

Acceptable payment methods to place an order online include Paypal, Zelle, Bank transfer, and Crypto.

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Driving while impaired is dangerous and is a criminal offense. Driving while impaired by cannabis or other drugs is illegal now and will be illegal after legalization. Drivers found to be impaired while driving will face driver license suspensions, fines, vehicle impoundment and/or time in jail.

You may consume cannabis in a private dwelling or yard attached to a private dwelling.

You may be able to consume cannabis in hotel rooms or units in apartment buildings, subject to restrictions that may be imposed by the building owner or operator. Cannabis may not be consumed in any of the common areas of those buildings.

You may be able to consume cannabis on a rented campsite, subject to restrictions that may be imposed by the park owner or operator. You may be able to consume cannabis in a vehicle that is being used as a temporary or private residence while it is not on a road.

You are not permitted to consume cannabis in a public place, a motor vehicle or a boat, similar to the restrictions on consuming alcohol. A limited exception applies for medical cannabis. A person with a valid authorization to use medical cannabis under the federal Cannabis Act may consume medical cannabis in an outdoor public place where smoking or vaping is permitted by the Smoke-Free Environment Act, 2005, but would not be able to consume cannabis in a motor vehicle.

Depending on the individual. The most effective way to avoid risks associated with driving while impaired from cannabis use is to abstain from use. The evidence-based USA low-risk use cannabis guidelines recommend not driving for at least six hours after using cannabis.