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There’s nothing like kicking back to a joint filled with hemp flowers after a long day.

However, rolling a joint is tedious and takes time. If you’d rather skip the process and get straight to smoking — the CrownTown Hemp Flower pre-roll is perfect for you.

The CrownTown Hemp Flower pre-roll is an innovation that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Similarly shaped as a pre-roll, the CrownTown Hemp Flower is pre-filled with 0.5-grams of top-shelf hemp flower.

Once you’re ready to indulge, you can spark up the hemp flower and consume it on your own time. The professionally crafted glass from Grav enhances the overall smoking experience and provides endless layers of silky-smooth smoke.

Choose from single or seven-pack Pre-Filled CrownTown Hemp Flower. Next, you can select an indica, hybrid, sativa hemp strain, or a high CBG strain instead.

Lastly, you can rest assured that Grav Pre-Filled Hemp Flower Glass Joints contain only the finest hemp buds. At Simply Crafted, we refuse to pack our Grav Glass Joints with stems or shakes.

Overall, the Grav Glass Joint experience elevates hemp flowers and allows the terpenes to shine. Puff after puff, Grav Pre-Filled Hemp Flower Glass Joints are worth their weight in gold.




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