HHC Vape Pen | Blue Dream | 1ml


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If you’ve been looking for that vape pen that’ll make you fall head over heels — nothing comes close to the Simply Crafted HHC Vape Pen.


Packed with potent HHC distillate and mouth-watering live resin terpenes, the HHC Vape Pen will make you say I do after the first puff.


Each HHC Vape Pen contains 1mL of top-shelf concentrate, so you’ll be vaping happily ever after.


From uplifting euphoria to amplified motivation, the Simply Crafted HHC Vape Pen is ready to take you to seventh heaven.

  • Strain Info

    Strain: Hybrid

    Fragrance: Sweet blueberry

    Effects: Euphoric and creative

    Blue Dream takes the euphoria and creativity boosting properties of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze and complements the mood with sweet blueberry. Full Flavor. Full Effect.


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