Lifter CBD Hemp Pre-Roll King-Sized


The lifter is one of the most popular CBD hemp flower strains due to its consistency. Users can expect a light energetic lift with a sense of alleviation in the body and mind.

Presenting itself with sweet and citrus flavors, Lifter is great for soothing the body while focusing on the task at hand.

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Our king-size pre-filled cones are filled with over a gram of high CBD hemp flower. We use fresh, premium buds with absolutely no trim or shake to provide the best overall smoking experience. All of our hemp flower strains are grown in the USA and are lab-tested.

Enjoy all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD with the distinct, dank aroma and flavor of traditional cannabis.

  •    No Shake
  •    No Trim
  •    No Fillers
  •    Lab-Tested


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